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VPN4ALL drops connection (disconnects for no apparent reason) and reveals my local IP address.

1.If you are using XP, Vista or 7, you can try to fix the issue by launching your VPN4ALL software with Admin permission (right-click on the VPN4ALL shortcut on your desktop and select "Run as Administrator"):

The program will then start and Windows will request your permission to use the program. Click “Yes” and run the program. If this fixes the problem, you are a rare user who will always have to launch your VPN4ALL with Admin permission.

2.Do you have a competing OpenVPN service installed on your computer? If yes, uninstalling both services completely, and then installing VPN4ALL again will most probably solve the issue.

3.Does the problem occur when you connect to a specific website or a specific web resource? Some web resources (for example, a few large online poker and gambling sites) employ mechanisms which effectively prevent visitors from hiding their real local IP addresses behind all sorts of anonymity services. To check, try connecting to VPN4ALL and browsing other websites and internet resources. Did the problem repeat?

4.Does the problem occur only when you are connected to one particular ISP? Certain errors in your Local Area Network (or WiFi) may cause VPN4ALL to disconnect. To check, do the following: 1) run as admin cmd and do "netsh winsock reset" -> 2) restart your computer -> 3) ping -n 1000 -l 512 -> 4)look into the stats from that ping. Do you see any failure or error messages? If Yes, contact your System Administrator and fix the problems with your LAN or WiFi.

Users who experience failure and errors in their LAN or WiFi often ask us why doesn’t VPN4ALL software notify a user about an unexpected connection loss and block internet traffic altogether every time an unexpected drop in the VPN connection occurs.

Our answer is always the same: VPN4ALL software does protect you against a drop-out in your underlying internet connection for up to 2 minutes. Whereas general network failure and errors in your own LAN or WiFi is not a drop-out. An unexpected VPN connection loss is not a normal mode of functioning for our software. Blocking the internet traffic from the software is too intrusive. Therefore we want to find the cause and fix this by ensuring the VPN connection is stable under your particular circumstances, rather than just informing you that your VPN dropped every time it drops. That's not security a VPN user is looking for.

If none of the above helped and there are no problems with your local LAN or WiFi, and the problem remains, please contact our Technical Support Department.



Is the information incorrect or does it contradict what we say somewhere else at the site? These FAQs are a work in progress and unfortunately as a result our product updates and network changes we can't always get it right instantly in all the FAQs. Please let us know if you see something incorrect and we'll do everything we can to straighten out the misleading bits and pieces! None of these FAQs answer your question? Search our Knowledgebase or Ask Support.



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