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How Does Anonymity work?

By anonymous we mean that no one can identify you or your activities online. Neither your real IP, home address, web history, data or any identifying aspect of your activities can be known. That is the meaning of true anonymity.

Initially all the data leaving your computer is encrypted and encapsulated so that it and its IP cannot be seen on its way to our servers.

After reaching our servers, traffic leaves VPN4ALL servers with the same shared external IP address with thousands of other users. All this shared traffic of many users becomes mingled together inseparably. When traffic leaves the server it also has a session ID number associated with it so when the traffic gets answered or returned the server can route it back to the correct user. The session ID has an internal IP addresses for the user and these internal IP addresses are variable and change frequently during the day. We are the only service to use variable IP internal addresses as far as we know. If someone gets your IP address while on the service from say a chat, a forum or an email it is always our IP address of the server you were using. If they try to attack you basing it on that IP address nothing will happen because the server will not be receiving a session ID and internal IP address with the data packets containing the attack, thus the server will be unable to deliver the data packets and the attack will just time out without causing any harm to anyone.

Therefore our servers actually act as a hardware firewall protecting you on the online wilderness from all sorts of hacking and malicious attacks. When our VPN4ALL service is turned on all your Internet traffic goes through us, you do not have to remember to route everything through a proxy.

With VPN4ALL, you can connect with confidence.


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