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How does VPN4ALL protect my identity?

When you’re connected to VPN4ALL your traffic will be encrypted and your IP address will be anonymous. To better explain what that means, here’s some scenarios:

John Doe surfs the Internet from a public hotspot:
While John is surfing his wireless packets are being broadcast insecurely into the air all around him. A hacker could easily capture these packets and see what websites John is visiting, steal his user accounts/passwords, and even steal his web browser sessions to post things to the Internet as John (identity theft).

John Doe surfs the same hotspot using vpn4All:
While connected to VPN4ALL John’s traffic is secured using government-grade encryption (256-bit AES) and his IP address is completely hidden from view. A hacker could capture his packets but he’d need a supercomputer and a few thousand years to decrypt them. For more info about AES and how powerful the encryption is go to article on Wikipedia.

John Doe uses a file sharing program from his home computer:
While John has his file sharing program open anyone who is connected to the same file sharing network can see John’s IP address. That IP address is as good as gold for predatory cartels that want to blackmail John into paying settlements for things he never did. It will not matter what evidence they have against him. It only matters that they have his IP and can show that he was connected. They will make John pay a settlement and sign a form saying he’s guilty or else he’ll have to pay even more in legal fees to defend himself. What a mess!

John Doe uses VPN4ALL to connect to the Internet from home:
John’s packets are hidden from the watchful gaze of his ISP and his IP address is completely hidden behind VPN4ALL’s servers. No matter what program John uses – whether it is a file sharing program or a web browser – his IP address and his Internet traffic are securely hidden from view.


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