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How do DNS lookups work with VPN4ALL software?

When your computer requests a website, it first has to know the address of the website in order to reach it. This is just like needing to know the address for the library if you want to get there. Your computer will first ask a Domain Name Server what the IP address is for the "www.website.com’you requested when you typed it into your browser. When browsing without VPN4ALL, this is a vulnerability, because when you request a website, it is sent in plain text so an observer such as a coworker, administrator, or ISP who can see the request for the website address. This is called “DNS Leaking”. DNS Leaking could be potentially embarrassing or compromising if the website is about a private or sensitive subject. vpn4All’s network has solved this problem by performing secured DNS lookups when using a vpn4All account. That means that instead of performing the request with your school or works ISP’s normal DNS server, your request is encrypted and sent through an anonymous network for the request. So when you use a VPN4ALL software, the information about what websites you want to visit does not leak, it is protected.


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