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Do you run your own DNS server, and if so who has power over it?

To improve speed, reliability and security of DNS lookups to our customers, we have switched to OpenDNS. In essence, we quit letting our network’s Domain Name Servers convert domain names (like google.com) into IP addresses ( for your browser. When you type a domain name, the conversion to an IP address now goes through OpenDNS instead. OpenDNS’ is the first IPv6-ready recursive DNS service in the world, which also helps us to prepare for the coming global migration from IPv4 to IPv6.

OpenDNS is a popular third-party Domain Names System security and infrastructure services provider that makes the Internet safer through integrated DNS and anti-phishing defense. By placing company servers in strategic locations and employing a large cache of the domain names, OpenDNS can process DNS queries more quickly and reliably. By collecting a list of malicious sites, OpenDNS blocks access to these sites when a user tries to access them.


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