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Do you offer other VPN protocols such as PPTP VPN or IPSec?

No, we do not offer PPTP VPN for PC and MAC because there are many known attacks on PPTP.

We also consider it our obligation to inform you about some of the negative aspects of PPTP VPN: While Microsoft claims that PPTP has a “good level of security that is suitable for most companies,” security professionals such as Bruce Schneier think otherwise. A German student managed to crack PPTP passwords in 4 hours. Asleap by Joshua Wright has been extended to crack weak PPTP passwords. The authors of the premier Open Source PPTP implementations PPTP Client and Poptop themselves recommend against using PPTP. Others have found a flaw in Microsoft’s PPTP implementation. Even Microsoft now admits that “as a VPN protocol, Microsoft considers PPTP to be non-strategic”. Note also that PPTP is not an official Internet standard. It is a ‘de-facto industry standard’ set by Microsoft. In a nutshell, PPTP VPN can give you a false sense of security. Only use it when you deal with non-sensitive data and when you need a VPN but have at the moment no possibility to install our VPN4ALL software.

While PPTP VPN offers you immediate encryption and protection from the casual observer, always be aware that security experts and trained cryptographers can crack it with comparatively little effort. Are your pieces of information valuable enough that someone will go through this effort and spend the money it costs to decrypt them? There are other non-standard based Open Source VPN solutions such as CIPE, vtun, and tinc. None accept OpenVPN seem to be secure. OpenVPN is based on OpenSSL, runs in user-space, is relatively lightweight, supports compression, is highly secure, being based on certificates, keys, and passwords, is simple-to-use; but CIPE, vtun and tinc have serious security problems according to security expert Peter Gutmann. Consequently, we do not intend to offer them.

We do offer PPTP and IPSec/L2TP for Mobile Devices.


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