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Why would I want to use your VPN4ALL and not some other VPN service?

There are many reasons to use the VPN4ALL service and not some other.

For example, Ease of Use – our software is a breeze to use and provides you with an option for a favorite server or fastest server or a fixed IP to use just with PayPal or your credit cards. The software is not a plain vanilla use of OpenVPN that is difficult to use and a pain to set up.

The VPN4ALL software even allows you to choose a server and use that server as auto-default your start up. So when you turn on your computer your VPN is turned on automatically! No fuss and no hassles.

·Better and faster bandwidth than our competitors. We are connected to 1GB and 100mbps dedicated ports worldwide.

·Low user/server ration on all out Paid plans.

·More servers worldwide than any other VPN out there. We are represented in nearly 50 geographic locations worldwide.

·Military grade encryption that is simply unbreakable and unbeatable.

·Terms of service that cannot be beaten in terms of privacy.

·Jurisdiction in a location where your privacy can never be compromised.

·No logging and caching at our servers of your data or IP.

·Simple payment terms which allows you to switch from any server free of charge once you join. None of that complicated pay this for that city server and that for some combination.

If you are at work you may wish to use our service so that your employer can not log, monitor or control how you are using the Internet. Maybe you are looking for a new job and don’t want your boss to know about it. If you wish to use a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, but your ISP has blocked or throttled (slowed) the P2P traffic. Most ISP’s traffic shape P2P traffic to make it use less bandwidth causing slow downloads.
Some ISP’s block access to web sites and web services, using VPN4ALL you can visit any website and use any service. If you use our VPN4ALL, your ISP will no longer be able to determine that you are using a P2P network and will not be able to block or throttle your usage. If you are in business and feel at risk from intrusion we are here to help. Our service will run all of your incoming and outgoing TCP connections through a secure mainframe offering AES256BIT RSA-2096BIT encryption on all activity, depending on the VPN4ALL service you use.

VPN4ALL offers the highest level of anonymity available to our users; we offer our services to businesses and home users worldwide.


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