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Why do I need a “personal” VPN, isn’t my firewall and anti-virus enough?

A PC-based firewall only protects your data on your computer, and anti-virus software only protects you from viruses that manage to get on to your PC. Don’t let anti-virus companies mislead you by their names “Internet Security Suite”. In fact, they DO NOT protect your data in transit over the internet - when you are surfing online!

Anti virus does not protect your data as it flows over your local network, at a WiFi/HotSpot, or through your ISP. Unfortunately, Anti-Virus (AV) and a firewall are only effective for your computer at home and even then are only 85% effective in terms of protection. On the online wilderness you currently have no protection whatsoever, no matter what anti-virus companies are telling you. That’s why, worldwide, there were over 22 million ID thefts and Billions stole from online bank accounts. 52% of the public is more concerned about ID theft then they are about the economy!

Without a VPN, your data is completely exposed and can easily be monitored and captured. As laptops, smart phones, and wireless networks have grown more popular, a great deal more data has become much more mobile. It is more crucial than ever to protect your data, as well as your identity and privacy, start using VPN4ALL now.

The following 4 points illustrate what Anti-Virus (AV) will never protect you from:

·Do you really want to have to deal with your private files and history brought out by a possible future law case involving you for tax issues or a divorce, etc. Your ISP controls all your data and is available to anyone with an order to see it.

·Do you really want to find yourself with your ID details stolen and being used by some hacker criminal on the net posing as you and spending your hard earned money?

·Do you really want to find that all your credit card information has been stolen and sold to third parties buying lots of electronic equipment with your cards?

If you want to perfectly safeguard your internet environment consider Second Layer Online Anti Virus Protection, Second Layer Online Firewall Protection and Second Layer Online Anti Spam Protection together with VPN4ALL VPN protection.

This Second Layer of Protection stops malware at our servers and prevents a large percentage of malware from getting through to your computer so that your home/business anti virus has a higher chance of stopping any malware that remains. Typically your home/business Anti Virus is only 85% effective because of the large number of malware attacks. With Second Layer Online Protection your home/business only has to defend your computer from a much smaller number of attacks, some 2.5% of what would otherwise be 100% of the online threats.


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